Cocoa market anyone?

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  2. Maybe youse guys should stop for a minute and go read Adam Smith's "The Money Game". There is some funny stuff about cocoa in it, and reading this thread reminded me of it. There is nothing new under the sun...

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  3. Another brilliant call there, Babak. One of these days I'll have to start listening to you too.

    Cocoa is still very richly valued on a historical basis. Chart:

    If cocoa can pull back a bit more on this truce, I'll be eager to get long. This truce will not, and can not hold for very long.

    The rebels are MUSLIM, therefore a truce can only be a very temporary battle tactic, and their Islamic bloodlust will drive them back into battle any day now. This is a basic Islamic principle, that a truce or peace treaty is only a temporary lull in the fighting, allowing the warriors to regroup and prepare for the next battle.

    You'll see...Ivory Coast fighting will resume very shortly, and cocoa will be appropriately affected.
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  4. Right! That's the one I was thinking of. That cocoa markets been trending a long time, I wasn't THAT old when I read that book, and it was already an old book when I read it.

    (I posted the wrong book by the wrong author previously) Yeah, there's a picture that goes along with the chart. Man, that cocoa chart has made me think twice about many crazy systems I have come up with.
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  5. I will let everyone know when I buy, that way you can sell and make money!:confused:
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  6. That was published in the 60's and dealt with the go-go markets of that time. But not to worry, for nothing has changed...

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    Any other commodities anyone finds interesting to trade, looking beyond my core group of fixed income and stocks
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  8. How'd I know?

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  9. will oneday offer electronic mini contracts

    on their softs ...

    cocoa , coffee , sugar ...
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    i thought i read a pamphlet at the nyc expo last year that they were bringing a coffee mini on line.
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