cocoa futures

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  1. I believe we have put in a short term low in Cocoa on a 9 day demark buy countdown. Not only have we come into interesting chart support but I truly wonder if the Ivory Coast will be able to sustain peaceful electoral processes in October.

    My idea is that they won't.

    I, however, remain a bit ignorant as to the magnitude of the African bumper crop.

    any specs trading this
  2. sweet. another dead board.
  3. i know, can you believe it. And on such a widely traded commodity too.
  4. Aok


    Gotta take out 1530ish first.
  5. deep regrets,

    we have macho bond traders and metal pikers like me that hang out ....

    cocoa doesn't have the testosterone level that is acceptable...

    all of us metal and bond traders flunked at least one drug test along the way....