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Discussion in 'Trading' started by Toonces, Dec 5, 2003.

  1. Toonces


    Well, compared to a couple guys I talked to on the other COCO thread, I didn't get screwed too badly, cause I only traded 300 shares. At one point I was up as much as $3,700 (or so I thought); now I'm about even. Htrader said he would have made $39K more if the trades hadn't been busted.

    Anyone else? Who actually was short before the halt and caught a gigantic break?


    I went from up $24,000 to down $6,000 trading COCO.

    NASDAQ really screwed the little guys today. They cancelled my buys before the halt (at 43) and made me keep the sells (from 51.50 to 54.00).

    Nice "fair and orderly market".
  3. EricP


    I was long a large daytrade position from 56... and got stopped out at 49.25... Yikes!!! Turned a good day into a bad day...

    Then Nasdaq comes and breaks the exit half of the trade.
    => Thanks Nasdaq!!!!!! :)

    News of the trade breaks had to go down as the best 'news' I can recall ever hearing during a trading day. Note that I got stung for 5+ points on CECO earlier in the week, so I'm still having a bad week. But, the trade breaks made the week much more acceptable.


    P.S. I'm sorry for those that got shafted today. I didn't actually make a dime from the trade breaks, but avoided a huge loss that was closed during the 'trade bust' period.
  4. What total bullshit!!!

    Maybe I should stop trading, because the day this
    happens to me, I may go postal on the NAZ :D

    This really stinks. Think I would file a lawsuit. Seriously.



  5. Cutten


    To many people I imagine this makes the Nasdaq look like a total bucketshop.
  6. This is just one more reason to AVOID trading stocks, and head to the Bond Futures!

  7. lojze


    How about volume in ZB, Waggie? Quite low, isn't it?
  8. nitro


    I don't think it had anything to do with the bond futures. I think some idiot typed in COCO instead of CECO

  9. The ZB volume was about 250,000 and the ZN volume was around 720,000 today

    ZB = 30 year
    ZN = 10 year

  10. Until there is a large group lawsuit from burnt traders, nothing will happen...sad to say!
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