Cobra Trading Optronics feature for complex option strategies

Discussion in 'Events' started by Chadd Hessing, Mar 16, 2010.

  1. Please visit if you would like to view a demo of our new Optronics feature on our CobraIQ platform.

    CobraIQ Optronics is the newest value-added solution to complement the already strong suite of features. Optronics allows clients the ability to trade Multi-Leg Options orders electronically with enhanced functionality.
    Trading spreads in Optronics allows users to quickly and easily build complex options spreads, delta, and delta neutral orders and then leverage our Options Smart Order Router to route spread orders across the ISE, PHLX and CBOE’s complex order books. It also provides the ability to source potentially greater liquidity at potentially better prices for any leg of the spread across all options exchanges with no legging risk.
    This added feature will access all available liquidity at the best prices for each leg of the trade maximizing your electronic spread trading.

    As a sponsor of Elite Trader, we appreciate your support and look forward to your questions.
  2. Cobra Trading sales and support can be reached by phone, live website chat, all IM services and email.

    Thanks again ET!