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    Are the 11 cases only would be enough?From what i see,it seems so...I see him building a position when he thinks the trend starts,and then,if the trend fails,he is unloading on the next turn,and so on and on.I can only enter and exit when i see him at his vile engagement.But cannot find out how he knows he should hold.I use no volume,no other indicators,just 11 cases.Has anyone tried the same?
  2. Just to replace the dull arrows in your quiver.

    8 of the one's in your quiver are used to throw out the volume data that cannot be used to make a volume "category". Volume (which you do not use) is what gives you the "category" arrows to put in your quiver.

    So dump your quiver in the swamp and refill it with volume "categories". There are nine and you do not know their names as yet.

    For monday (06AUG12) you are pulling out the third "category" arrow" for bar 1.

    On bar 79 you shot your first arrow named P1 to begin the LONG trend now underway. Next you shot your category arrow T1 on bar 81 of Friday.

    All of the arrows you need to have in your quiver for the "continuation" hypothesis categories in trend add up to 9 arrows.

    Your other quiver for the "change" hypothsis needs to have two types of End Effect arrows. One sub set is called "quickies" the other is the ones not called quickies (longer length trending) I posted the number for each in a hatetorisk thread. It is illustrated and was used to prepare for my Paltalk narration. You can look at those EE's in the over 100 trades I posted (most were calls as well) So this EE quiver has over twice as many arrows as the first wrongly filled quiver.

    On the open, you enter long.

    Also I posted how the trading system works at the request of river.

    elsewhere baro san is posting annotated chartss to educate xspurt and Covel, etc...
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