Coastal Trade Securities, LLC

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  1. Anybody trade with them? If so can somebody explain their rates and fees? And are they legit???
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    I got a buddy who started with them a little bit ago, I think they have Lightspeed and Sterling. He says deal was pretty good and they were good guys, not sure of the specifics though.
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    i trade for coastal they are good guys, i think they just opened up a new midtown office, i live in north carolina now but going back up to nj end of the month and gonna meet up with chris apolito to see how things look over there. i hear they got a training program plus they are working on additional benefits to traders such as automated programs and other tools. rates are competive obviously the more volume you do they better the rates. they have lightspeed and sterling, i use lighspeed for manual trading and sterling for my ats. overall thumbs up.
  4. Thanks for input.
  5. I trade with Coastal as well. I have had no complaints so far. Rates are very competitive especially if you are a remote trader.

    They use Light Speed and Sterling platforms currently and are looking to add a few more as well.

    They are a relatively new BD but all the guys involved with the start-up have been in the bizz for a long time.
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    Hey I was just wondering if you ever ended up trading with Coastal Trade. How are they? I'm thinking about it.
  7. I'd like to know as well
  8. You have to be careful of anyone using Elitetrader to promote themselves. Chances are these posts are three guys sitting in an office together. And if they are only offering remote traders, how good can they be.

    Sounds fishy.
  9. I agree. Sounds like a firm in someone's basement.

    If they can't afford New York office space, can you really trust them with your money?
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