coal spot prices and coal futures

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    I am trying to get a very good resource on coal spot prices and coal futures.

  2. I hope this helps. The firs link is an industry site, which reports the spot prices for various coal products. Following this are pages linked to the three derivatives exchanges that trade coal futures. I am aware that Nymex has been trading coal futures for some time, but now there are two new entrants, the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) and the European Energy Exchange (EEX). Anyways, here are the pages, let me know if this helps in any way. Good luck on your coal trading!

    EIA spot price site



    EEX Information/Coal/Coal Futures | Derivatives
  3. If you are willing to shell out, try LIM. They are a data repository, and have tons of info on OTC stuff. You still have to pay for their platform and the data (say platts for instance), but they've got more energy stuff than you can shake a stick at.