Coal Miners To Obama: Stop Lying To America

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    BEALLSVILLE - Coal miners at the American Energy Corp. Century Mine said they want President Barack Obama to stop what they term the war on coal - and to stop spreading mistruths about them.

    Miners gathered Friday afternoon to express their opposition to Obamas energy and environmental policies, which they believe threaten their jobs. Miner Mitch Miracle read aloud a letter the miners mailed to Obama that outlines some of their concerns.

    The miners said Obamas campaign team is running ads filled with blatantly false statements about the miners regarding their participation in Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romneys August campaign stop at the Century Mine. These ads assert that the miners were forced to attend the event by the mines owner, Robert Murray.
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    Obama stop lying? What else does he have?
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    He could admit that he is gay and secure the gay vote - except for PHOENIX TRADING, of course.
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    I'm responsible for the dying coal industry. My business is natural gas: extraction, processing, compression.
  5. You can't even stay on topic on your own thread, how typical.

    The problem with coal is not with Obama, it is with with the fracking natural gas supply. No amount of scapegoating is going to change that.

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    Please me when to my nat gas position.

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    There's a line in The Matrix where the explanation for giving human bodies a fantasy at all is provided: without the mind the body dies. So it's curious that pspr is still around, though I'll admit he could be a bot.

    At any rate:

    "Construction of 70 electric power units by 2017 will significantly boost natural gas demand for power generation"

    BENTEK's U.S. Power Burn Report estimates that more than 20 GW of new natural gas-fired generating capacity is expected to come online between 2011 and 2017. When built, the new capacity will add 1.8 Bcf/d of potential gas demand. The majority of this capacity is expected to be added before 2014 and currently either is being developed or is under construction.

    BENTEK also reports that more than 4 GW of gas-fired power generating capacity will be retired over the same time period, reducing natural gas demand 0.37 Bcf/d. The net of these expected additions and retirements will result in an additional 16 GW of gas-fired generating capacity with an equivalent gas burn demand of at least 1.4 Bcf/d by 2017.

    BENTEK's U.S. Power Burn Report provides a daily resource for U.S. gas demand in the power sector, including in-depth regional power burn analysis. This report provides year-on-year power burn demand comparisons, as well as 14-day regional demand forecasts.

    BENTEK's daily U.S. Power Burn Report includes:

    Regional power burn expected for a normalized temperature versus the actual burn

    Analysis of pipeline flows to gas-fired generation facilities

    Year-on-year average daily U.S. power burn

    Regional forecasts of gas demand in the power sector

    For a monthly outlook on power and industrial demand, BENTEK's The Market Call provides a sector-by-sector analysis of the underlying factors that drive price, including natural gas demand and production."
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    The hell it isn't. The EPA has blocked every coal plant that has been proposed. Even you must be aware of the war on coal and other fossil fuels that Obama has waged since taking office.
  9. Obama and his radical EPA are fighting a battle against a nonexistent enemy, global warming. Like other liberal crusades, results or cost/benefit analysis have no part in their plan. It is about good intentions and perceived moral superiority.

    And like most liberal crusades, it helps a lot if the crusaders themselves are not actually paying any price for their windmill tilting. They conveniently offload the high cost of their policy failures on working class whites, who tend to be racist gun loving religious nuts anyway. Al Gore and various contributors can cash the subsidy checks, while coal miners lose their jobs.

    So it is a win-win outcome.