Coal Is Equal To Gold Study:

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  1. Coal prices are about to rise, prices for coal used in power stations used to generate thermal power are expected to rise due to strong demand and shortage of supply. US's largest banks city group also added that prices of steel making coal may fall.
    Bottlenecks in rail and port networks in Australia and South Africa are limiting supplies of coal burned in power plants where Indonesian export growth may slow as most of the fuel is used within the country. Demand for thermal coal is increasing in china, India, and European countries. This practice may be adopted from the early 2007

    If the natural resources are consumed at the same speed it will take not must time for this planet to become an empty shell
  2. The planet is already hollow. Check out Admiral Byrd's expedition to the antarctic.
  3. Ummm...where is the "coal is equal to gold study"?
  4. What he really meant was that if you squeeze coal hard enough, it'll turn into diamonds. Don't confuse it with squeezing lead and hoping to turn it into gold
  5. Thanks nazzdack....I thought the thread was going to be about a study that found high correlations between coal and gold prices.

    Guess that's way to much to ask from ET these days.
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  7. LONGHORN------If you overlap a gold chart with an Appalachian Coal chart, you won't find much correlation. Australian coal might be a different story.
  8. OK..thanks Nazzdack.