Coal is a huge buy PCX KOL

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  1. I hiiiiighly recommend coal stocks. I am beating myself up for not noticing this sooner. Why dammit so angry I didn't get in on this.

    Coal is the next water and oxygen in terms of human consumption

    3rd world countries without stringent air standards use substrituting Oil for coal. Coal provides much more output than wind and solar. India, Russia South America, and China can burn as much coal as they want without having to worry about CO2 levels.

    it is a win win situation.

    Buy these and make money for no work:

    KOL (a coal etf will see 70 within 1/2 year or so)

    PCX (looks over extended but IT WILL go higher on any pullback I guarantee)
  2. How about recommending something that isn't up 100% or so in the past couple months?
  3. If the fundamentals justify it I'll recommend it. Much better than that SIGM crap.

    I wish there was a single ETF that would merge Oil, Coal, Potash, and Iron/Steel .

    Will there be a pullback? Maybe, but the money is made now.
  4. Where was he when ANR was at $15.92 in 2007 (it closed in the upper 80s today). That's only a 360% gain in less than a year.
  5. The money was made in those stocks 2 years ago. For such a self proclaimed market guru, your timing is a wee bit slow, like 6 months to a year.
  6. What do you expect from a person who can't read financial statements?
  7. Financial statements didn;t help you with regards to SIGM. PE 8 too low? Nope.
  8. not sure about any of the other coal stocks buy my system gave me an overbought signal for ANR on Friday.

    I think its a short above 85ish with a profit target of 83ish.
  9. hughb


    I bot ICO a month ago at 8.65. This is one of the coal stocks that Cramer doesn't like, so I'm optimistic. :p
  10. Even with the market making a big intraday reversal coal stock hold up very well.

    The fundamentals are real. Coal is in huge demand as a substitute for oil. Emerging markets need energy and coal is abundant and cheap.

    When I say time 2 buy is usually is.
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