Coach/ Personal trianer? "my place"

Discussion in 'Trading' started by gary, Dec 10, 2001.

  1. gary


    Is there anyone who coaches "one on one" at the home or office of the trader? $$$ per day? or % of ? or ......? Thanks!
  2. murphy


    Robin Dayne is a trading coach, or claims to be one.

    Her site is

    She was features on CNBC, etc etc

  3. It would be like asking Derek Jeter if you could stand in the batters box with him for $500 ...doubtful if you will find any traders who will actually "coach" one on one. There are many who can help you with individual tutoring that takes place during the trading day, and we have a couple of good managers who have taken on that task...but a real "one-on-one" is pretty tough to find. You will find those who are not making any real money trading to help you...but then again, what use is that?

    BTW, Robin Dayne is good at what she does, this is no way a reflection on how she helps traders...She has another approach, she "coaches traders" but does not "coach trading."
  4. those "pros" at Pristine well "let" you sit by them for a week for 5-25k.

  5. I'll do it. Send me a round trip ticket, get me a hotel room at the best hotel in town, pay me twice what I can make on a good day and I'll do it. :)
  6. Where do you live, and how much you have in mind?
  7. Magna

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    You don't want to go there, student expectations, audited results, etc. Then everyone would know how well (or not so well) you do. :)

    Enjoy your retirement, enjoy your trading...
  8. gary



    Why would audited results, etc. be needed?

  9. Magna

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    Why would audited results, etc. be needed?

    Before I would be willing to pay serious money to a stranger to personally coach me in trading I would certainly want to see verified proof of their trading ability. In other words, Show Me the P&L.

    Hell, many people on this board were demanding that Chartwiz produce ongoing audited results just to continue posting free educational links to his website! And it's well known that Chris works exclusively with Linda Bradford Raschke and was personally trained by her.

    To me, that was way out of line, and downright insulting. But to require that of a person coming to my home (or me going to his) to train me is very reasonable, assuming of course that I'm not familiar with their trading history. For if they haven't been successful trading, then why would I want them to train me? And if they're unknown, then how else am I going to know if they're successful?
  10. Turok


    >Hell, many people on this board were demanding
    >that Chartwiz produce ongoing audited results
    >just to continue posting free educational links to
    >his website!

    Ya know Magna, you are a very valuable contributor to this forum, but it would be very nice of you to refrain from blatent misrepresentation of the facts in this case.

    No one demanded any such thing in exchange for any such thing. The record is very clear on this. I respectfully recommend that you check out the difference in the definitions between the words "demand", "request" and "suggest".

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