Co-worker putting all $ in the S@P

Discussion in 'Trading' started by pma, Apr 25, 2007.

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    Here is an interesting story for you fellas. My co-worker,a pharmacist,was advised by his broker on monday to sell all of his Boeing stock that he has been building for 10 years and buy a load of big S&P contracts. Well,he did just that today. I did not ask how many contracts he bought-but it must be something major. Now-let me tell you this-his broker has got this guy pumped up bigtime!!! When he came into work tonite he was(and is ) as giddy as a schoolgirl with all the cash he is going to make. The question is this-why would his broker advise him-strongly- to unload his awesome performing Boeing stocks???
  2. Sounds like 1999 all over again... :D
  3. This seems very odd. Does your friend normally invest in futures? Does this represent a significant portion of his portfolio? At least he will have easy access to anti-depressants and sedatives should the broker be wrong. By the way, how is business at that pharmacy?
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    every day I am more sad :(
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    Elated-I know nothing about his "broker." The pharmacist I mentioned liquidated ALL of his Boeing stocks. I do not know (yet) if he took all of that money and put it in the index. He seems like a happy camper-very stoked about having his money in the S&P. I really hope it all works out for him,he is a really nice guy.
    P.S.-business is great,we work at a major hospital in Seattle,Wa.
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    Well, Boeing has already had a great run... it's not necessarily a bad thing to take profits.

    I dunno about putting it ALL into the S&P tho, that's a bit scary since he's at the whim of the entire market. With a 4 year buildup already, it could be a rocky road.
  7. This question is meaningless without knowing the total size of the guy's portfolio. Maybe his Boeing stock represents a small portion of his overall portfolio and his broker is bullish. Maybe his broker has some longs he needs to unload.
  8. Good thread! He's gonna be rich!!!!
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    Does he know about time decay and rollover in every 3 months?

    Timing is everything. He should have used a pullback to go long and no leverage...
  10. Awesome call. Easy double from here!
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