Co-location/ server maintenance API integration

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  1. How do you guys protect against code theft from server maintenance entities when your not there to maintain servers yourself?.
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    I personally don't worry about it very much. In my specific case, the strategy has quite a few moving pieces, and I don't think it'd be trivial for someone to copy it even if I gave them the source code to the primary automated piece.

    If I were a little more paranoid, I'd probably be careful to have just compiled object code on the co-located server rather than source.

    If I were more paranoid, I'd probably take steps to encrypt the file system.

    If I were even more paranoid, I could write a thin client on the co-located server that downloads the application from my trusted/secure machine at startup every time, and ONLY executes from RAM.
  3. Which provider did you pick to host your server? Costs seem variable. Did you purchase new servers or buy old ones from other instis turning them over every few months? In terms of API integration which platform did you pick. Thanx
  4. nothing is perfect, but if you obfuscate the binary and include a mechanism where it can only run on hardcoded (or website listed) mac addresses, that will make it difficult to move.