CNN’s Dana Bash “Worried” About Ron Paul’s Success

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    January 10, 2012

    her video live comments -

    On January 2, Dana Bash told her husband, CNN anchor John King, that is she “worried” about Ron Paul’s success today in New Hampshire.

    She said it concerns her and establishment Republicans that he will continue to push on with his campaign through the spring and summer right up to the election.

    Bash’s comments last night reflect the desperation of the establishment as it brazenly attempts to scour the election of Paul and his constitutional and libertarian political and economic philosophy.

    Note that it is Bash who has been tasked with following Ron Paul around on behalf of CNN. Paul’s campaign yesterday cut off an interview with her after she tried to blame Paul for the media swarm in a New Hampshire restaurant that forced Paul to cut short a meet and greet, a fracas that was wholly a creation of the media itself.

    So far nothing has worked to sink Ron Paul and his campaign, including recent dirty tricks by the John Huntsman campaign.

    RHINO talk show hosts – most notably Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage and Mark Levine – have viciously attacked Paul along with the rest of the establishment media, but their concerted efforts have not dissuaded a large number of Republicans who are fed up with endless wars, large out of control government, continual violations of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, and a disastrous economic situation created and perpetuated by the Federal Reserve and the bankers.

    It remains to be seen if Paul will win tonight. However, ultimately the victory for Ron Paul is the large and growing number of Americans who are disenfranchised from the one party bankster political system and are ready to vote for real change, not the faux change offered by the teleprompter reader Barry Obama or his ideological twins in the Republican party.
  2. Rush and Savage are Rhinos??

    Wow, never heard that one before:D
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    They frequently advocate positions outside of US Constitutional boundries - especially in the ongoing undeclared wars.
  4. I would argue that mast of Paul's votes are from Independents and young Liberals.

    Most support comes for those who think America is a bully and those who want legal drugs.

    All of Paul's other policies do not draw any major support.
  5. Don't forget those that long for the return of their civil liberties.
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    You're obsessed and becoming increasingly delusional.

    Its a little scary. Your posts certainly don't induce anyone to take a closer look at Paul.
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    Max E.

    Yeah im a fan of Paul, and i still agree, the incessant spamming is getting old.

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