CNN -- US government is collecting your children DNA without your knowledge

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    does anyone have something to add or are we jaded to the point of silence :confused:
  3. Everybody is watching the Super Bowl. But i am in your camp.. Pretty scary stuff. Did they say if the records are purged after a while? I wonder if they will report on all these baby's lives that have been saved by the records?
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    only few states allow erasure of records but only if you ask

    and most people are not aware, so they can't ask
  5. I appreciate you posting that. Too much room for discrimination with the current state of affairs.

  6. What scientists can do with DNA these days is TERRIFYING.
  7. DNA is the National Association of Dyslexics and I really don't see what the big deal is
  8. What's to add?

    They already know my sex, eye color, hair color, relationship status, and all my spending and communicating habits - what's a few GATC base pairs?
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    Lets say you apply to become a cop. And they go, sorry you are not accepted

    and the real reason why is because they looked at your DNA and found something they didn't like

    OR maybe they made a mistake, BUT YOU DIDN'T GET A JOB

    or it could be worse than example I gave
  10. So the hiring dudes and dudettes are going to do complex DNA analysis without anybody finding out what the criteria are?

    Doesn't seem very likely to me.
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