CNN reports iranian navy made threatening moves

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  1. Just on CNN a few seconds ago.

    Iranian navy ships came within 200 yards of US ships in the straits of hormuz. They made threatening radio transmissions, approached. Before fired upon, they broke off.

    Anyone wanna short crude here? Thought not.
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    Please tell me again, why does the U.S. military have ships in the Straits of Hormuz?
  3. To protect the Arab states from Saddam!!
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    US gave orders to shoot just before iranian ships made a u-turn...this is crazy...
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  6. The mood in washington this morning must be quite somber...

    The iranians nearly gave the US a great excuse to conduct a dual front war and close the gap between afghanistan and iraq. You couldn't give us a better gift at this point in time.

    Half the pentagon must be going, "Damn! Almost...."
  7. I used to work for the Defense Attache in the Embassy of Japan in the State of Kuwait. One day the Iranian Military Attache called for an appointment with the Japanese Attache. My boss was very worried from this meeting. A few minutes before the meeting he was stone cold. I asked him whats wrong with you and he said that Japan has good relations with the US and that he does not want this meeting to affect this relationship. Anyways, it turns out that the Iranian Military Attache was concerned about a Military exercise being conducted in the spring time of every year very close to the Strait of Hormuz. The exercise he told us is called "Arabian glove". It was the first time me and my boss hear about at and I never found any info about it in the media. The maneuvers are done by the USA, and other countries that I will not mention.

    The meeting was very long and alot of important points were raised. But part of the conclusion was that the government of Iran takes any presence of any foreign navy in the Strait of Hormuz very very seriously. And the government of Tehran gave an official request to the government of Tokyo not to participate in the "Arabian Glove", or any other military maneuvers in the Persian Gulf.
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    couldn't have said it any better myself..
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    whos 'US', who gave those orders
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