CNN putting a face to the dead in Iraq

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    Girl on the right is now dead. 23 in 3 days, with Iraq now threatening to treat their American hostage worse than the 4 contractors killed earlier.

    China, Japan and Germany all have hostages now, too.

    Are things really getting worse, or is the media just paying more attention to this sort of thing lately? Regardless, this bullshit has got to come to an end at some point.
  2. aphie: Come to an end?

    Not necessarily.

    Bush is quite firm in his resolve in his beliefs as he indicated in his last video taken Easter.

    He... believes he is doing the best thing for America... and he... prays for less deaths... while the US soldiers are.... "doing their jobs" - those who die, die.

    Let's put it this way... he is as convinced his beliefs are right as the "rebels" are theirs'.

    What we got here is a belief standoff - a belief contest being tested with lead and lives lost.

    At least the "rebels" are willing to die for their beliefs, while Bush is willing to have others die for his.

    To indicate how overpowering a belief (system) can be, I'll use this following example: Bush has no reversal plan. Do you know what this means? It means he is ready to have our entire military killed in Iraq to prove his point. Him and his administration will then kick in the draft and allow ALL of those new recruits to be killed as well.

    He has NO back out plan. Some might call that being committed to a cause.

    I call it a belief-induced insanity mania.

    Even if 20,000,000 US troops die that is NOT the point. Saving mankind from terrorists IS (in his mind his point and mission).

  3. Maybe CNN should also show pics of the 1000's of Iraqi babies and women slaughtered with assistance from people like that sweet corpse on the right...

    I would strongly suggest that the majority of the world holds the view (with some justification) that we are the terrorists and that the Iraqis are our victims (i.e. holds the view that the Iraqis are doing nothing more than defending themselves and their country against our selfish motives and ruthless use of our military power)...

    I wonder, if another 911 happens to us, whether the majority of the world will sympathize with us or smile contentedly and say 'you bastids deserved it!'...
  4. Let me give you an example of a war with clear reasons NOT based solely on belief(s).

    Kuwait is our ally. We defend our allies. This is a good, pre-established and just cause, as we expect our allies to do the same towards us. Simplicity of a right cause.

    Saddam invades Kuwait. We tell Saddam, leave Kuwait or face a war.

    He mutters something about Allah making US blood flow in the desert like rivers. General Schwarzkopf gives him a short lived reality therapy war he'll never forget.

    Goal is clear and precise. Get Saddam OUT of Kuwait. Mission accomplished, war over - end. AND end of lives being lost.

    Now compare that war to the ambiguities of this current Iraqi war.

    See the difference? If you don't, you need to get OFF your meds.

  5. Good food for thought... nicely said...
  6. Thank you, Candletrader. I would like to add something...

    In Bush's and his admin's goal to rid the earth of terrorists thereby saving all mankind, if his war plan is so sound, pronouncing Judgement Day on ALL terrorists beginning in Fallujah, then the rest of Iraq, then the rest of the Middle East, then the world...

    WHY does he 100% IGNORE the Palestinian population?

    If what Bush and his admin define as "terrorists" dwell in Fallujah, then there are many more in Palestine among the Palestinians.

    So many more, if fact, that Sharon recently blew away Yassin as he went to prayer, BELIEVING "Yassin was the source of all Evil."

    In other words, you've got 'em ALL there (in Palestine), buddy, WHY NOT go get them?

    Bush and his admin has YET to provide a clear answer on that.

    Hence, if Bush's war plan to rid the world of "Evil" is sound, just and whole in its effectiveness based in reality, WHY is he fully ignoring the Palestinians?

    He's the cop on the beat of the world street out to clean it up of terrorists and "Evil" why does he allow the Palestinian condition to go on and he does nothing?

    I think his admin needs to give a clear answer to that, because terrorists have just as much potential to come out of Palestine as they do from Iraq, namely Fallujah, probably even moreso.

    Additionally, Israel is one our "allies" and they are getting a host of "Evil" terrorist bombers ongoing.

  7. candletrader: Exactly! And that is a DANGER, that the majority of the world may believe what you say, therefore be or become "sympathetic" to the cause (of terrorism against the USA).

    This should signify that there's a rat somewhere in the structure of this "Get the terrorists before they get us!" Mania. Smart and educated people should recognize this problem in the Bush war plan campaign structure and act legally and politically to remedy it.

    To me, it's clear to see that our trying to dwell in a world sympathetic to the cause of anti-USA sentiment is much more risky than having 100 Bin Ladens on the loose.

    This (Iraqi war) trade should cut its losses before the USA gets a margin call from the world.

  8. Nice one!
  9. Yes, you make a very clear-cut comparison in your example of how we defended our ally, Kuwait.

    Last time I checked, there wasn't a significant Iraqi population in the States, and I don't think that too many Americans have ever had Baghdad on their list of places to go for vacation!

    Strange indeed.
  10. Well said!!:) :)
    In the mean time, more media control. Hey we don't want the mushrooms errrr... taxpayers back home getting the news and pics:

    U.S. Forces Want Al-Jazeera Out Of Fallujah
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