CNN: North Korea deploys SAMs missiles

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  1. If Russia and China support/help North Korea it will lead to World War 3 so everybody knows what will happen to world economy.

    Just read in other forum that there is news on CNN saying North Korea deploys SAMs missiles.

    I have searched in google but could not find the link.
  2. I did not know that North Korea had surface-to-surface missiles. I thought North Korea is a small country similar to Taliban and Afghanistan.

    North Korea is isolated from the world.
  3. Do you really think China / Russia are going to allow WWIII over a pip squeak like North Korea? What's the economic or vital interest in NK? I just don't see it. NK reminds me of a mean little chihuahua. I think cooler heads will prevail.
  4. South Korea wont even buy our American beef, what are our economic interest? I am tired of Americans being taken for granted. This (help me) screw you attitude from everyone has got to go. You corportations want your assets protected,,build it here in the ol USA.
  5. You are joking aren't you? There's always plenty of armchair generals when it comes to these sort of things, but it's plainly obvious that any war with Nth Korea would be a bloodbath compared to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Just for a start, the north has a huge amount of heavy artillery in range of Seoul and could cause devastating damage. The north also has something like 90 submarines. They may not be the latest and greatest, but it only takes one to sink a carrier.

    But it's hard to see it coming to total war - it serves no one's interests.
  6. Excellent post.

    Osama bin laden had said to the Saudi royal family that he will summon his mujahideen fighters (who had defeated the Russians) to protect Saudi Arabia from Saddam Hussain and Iraq. But the Saudi royal family said “no”.

    Now I do not know whether the Saudi royal family invited USA into Saudi Arabia or USA forced their way into Saudi Arabia.

    Now look what has happened to USA because of Osama bin laden. Otherwise today USA would have been $20 Trillion or $30 Trillion economy. The population of USA would have been high.

    Otherwise today Osama bin laden would have been the Chief/Commander of armed forces of SAUDI ARABIA.

    If you see a lion killing a zebra or buffalo, will you help the zebra or buffalo? Zebra can run faster than lions. Buffalos can kill lions.

    If you see 2 lions fighting, will you get involved? If yes, the lions will attack you.

    USA has a bad habit of getting involved in other country matters. Russia does not get involved into other countries.

    There is a hard rule of nature that only the strongest will survive. But human beings are altering/changing nature’s hard rule.

    Correct me if I am wrong.
  7. d08


    That reason is different. Most other developed countries won't buy US beef because of quality issues, you use chemicals which are banned in EU and probably in Korea and Japan as well.

    The topic is wrong though. SAM = Surface-to-Air Missile, so the topic says "CNN: North Korea deploys Surface-to-Air Missiles missiles."
  8. South Korea wants war

    All Marines, including Marines on service and reserve Marines, will avenge the two at any cost, keeping today's anger and hostility in mind,' said Lieutenant General Yoo Nak Joon, commander of the South Korean Marine Corps standing in front of a hearse lightly dusted by snow.
    'We will put our feelings of rage and animosity in our bones and take our revenge on North Korea.'

    It's time for action. Time for retaliation. Let's hit the presidential palace in Pyongyang,' shouted close to 1,000 Marine veterans in downtown Seoul who burnt photographs of North Korean leader Kim Jong-il and his anointed successor, son Kim Jung-un.

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