CNN Money is Officially Worthless

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  1. Or at least comical, at best. I like to check out the pre-market section, and I'm pretty sure they're just copy/pasting the words "Fear" and "Greece" into the headline every single day. Then, there's comments like this:

    "Wall Street doesn't care about the U.S. It is all about profits. Greed Over People.

    If America collapses Wall Street won't care. They will move to another country.

    Parasites at its best."

    Apparently Wall Street is a personified entity now? Clearly only the brightest, most informed investors are using CNN Money. "Stocks to open lower on fears of Greek default/Eurozone crisis?" Holy shit such cutting edge news!

    Then again, I did come across this gem:

    "Keep repeating that enough times and maybe you will start to believe it. A stock market crash could mean mass unemployment, social unrest, homelessness, and a rise in crime.

    Worst of all, you might even have to give up your iPhone"
  2. What does this have to do with trading? Serious trades spend their time analyzing market action. Losers spend their time reading financial websites.
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    Serious traders spend most of their time waiting, bored out of their minds.:D
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    you don't wank while you wait?
  5. Not to CNN Money!
  6. Why even voice this??Let them roll!I want to use a veto to ban such threads!!!!!!!!!!!!