CNN/Money- 8 signs of hope for the economy

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  1. S2007S


    WTF are green shoots, last week the phrase didn't exist, since monday I have heard the word about 249 times. Who the Fu$k comes up with these pathetic phrases and links them to wallstreet.
  2. Green chutes are what Kudlow sees when he's on a coke bender.

    He also sees Goldilocks prancing around his office in high heels and a miniskirt, that warped sicko.
  3. Feel like I am going to vomit

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  4. CET


    On CNBC it went like this. First there was the Goldilocks economy. Well Goldilocks died and is buried. Next came mustard seeds, which turned out to Kudlow's pot seeds. Now we have green shoots, which is nothing but an Obama chia pet.

    I emailed CNBC once to tell Kudlow he should plant his mustard seeds on Goldilocks' grave, as she would make good fertilizer.
  5. With Kudlow, it should be more like pink pixie dust :p
  6. Arnie


    I can remember years ago when the cover story on Business Week was a garanteed fade. Maybe CNN/Fortune has filled the void. :D
  7. The new "Goldilocks".
  8. You obviously don't TRADE for a living.

    If you did, you wouldn't have your TV set to CNBC all day long . . . Instead, you would be looking at charts and price levels.
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