CNN: Leader of liars

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  1. CNN: Leader of liars

    CNN: Leader of liars

    Infamy! Infamy! They've all got it infamy!

    By Sylvie Barak: Thursday, 27 March 2008, 8:35 AM

    DESPITE NOT BEING able to access most foreign media, Chinese students are convinced that the West’s coverage of China and recent events in Tibet is inherently biased and even downright lies. So, to counter the evil libel of foreign journalism, they have set up a website called Anti-CNN to debunk the propaganda of the West.

    According to AFP, a letter posted to the site (which has now been removed), demanded that Chinese people everywhere rise up against 'the Western Goebbels Nazi media', by bombarding them with emails, faxes and letters commanding them to apologise for their lies about the goings on in Tibet. The site slams several media sources, but reserves special ire for CNN which it dubs 'leader of liars'.

    The site was created by Rao Jin, a graduate from Qinghua University in Beijing, after ex-pat Chinese wrote to him complaining about ignorant Westerners' total misunderstanding of China. The open letter on the site also proclaimed, "The Chinese nation, peace-loving, refined and cultivated, has long swallowed humiliation and submitted to insults. It can no longer be a silent lamb."

    Screenshots on the site point out alleged factual errors in foreign media reporting, and comes at a time when the Chinese authorities are becoming more and more vocal about their extreme displeasure at how the foreign media is treating the Tibet riots.

    There have also been several videos posted on YouTube, defending the Chinese position and 'enlightening' the free world about its media’s lies including " Riot in Tibet: the true face of Western media" and "Tibet Lhasa Riot Shame on Western Media!".

    Well, at least our governments let us watch Youtube and make up our own minds. µ


    Anti CNN
  2. Wonder if we have any memebers from China? My understanding the only isp is the Chinese go'vt. So is the phone co. Not sure if they have internet cafe's anymore. So I don't quite buy the chinese student theory.
  3. China is still under Stalin's totalitarian regime.

    The Chinese students are eager to welcome Global Liberation Army from the US.


  4. Except for the first sentence which is a question, all the other sentences are wrong. I'm surprised. Aren't we supposed to be "elite traders?" And we don't even know the major ISP companies or major telecom companies in China?

    Don't you ever trade CHA? CN? CHL? CHU? There are also smaller 2nd tier telecom companies, such as Tietong (which is state owned). Most of these companies are also ISP providers.

    Don't let your prejudice overtake your common sense.
  5. I'll have to pass on a follow up comment.

    The article sounds as if it was written by an American or should I say, typically American style. Using the words "Nazi", "evil libel of foreign journalism".

    "The Chinese nation, peace-loving, refined and cultivated, has long swallowed humiliation and submitted to insults. It can no longer be a silent lamb."

    This comment sounds as if it written by the Chinese gov't.

    Probably just me being to critical.:cool:
  6. =================
    Actually lots of truth there ,calling CNN ''leader of liars'';
    also nicknamed Clinton News Network/leader of liars. Both Clinton & CNN has high , undesirable negatives.

    No wonder mainstream media loses so much market share;
    long live FOX, news, ChristianBroadcasting Network, TBN, LBN,
    Sky Angel,Daystar, internet...............................

  7. Strange expressions (did he use an online translator?), but doesn't sound like a Chinese government piece to me. In any case, we may need to get used to it because sooner or later we'll all be working for them.
  8. SteveD


    Under Stalin's regime????

    I must have missed that in my readings.....

    Please elaborate......



    To resolve the issue and stop getting all this "bad" press:

    1.- Get out of TIBET, nobody invited you there.

    2.- Stop killing protesters.

  10. You are wrong on both counts.

    1. The communists were invited by the Dalai Lama and his government to Tibet in 1950 (and of course before that the Nationalist government had the nominal sovereignty over Tibet). The agreement was signed by the Dalai Lama. Just because he changed his mind in 1959 doesn't mean that he never invited them.

    2. I have yet to see a single report of a protester got killed. All reports are of Tibetans attacking and killing ethnic Han Chinese and Muslim Hui's, including children burnt alive.
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