CNN Interviews Christopher Bollyn, 9/11 Researcher

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    CNN Interviews Christopher Bollyn

    Some articles by Christopher Bollyn:

    The audio of the primary interview is here: 11.4 mb

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  2. just wondering out loud here....But Clinton couldn't even keep a BJ a secret in washington....How'd Bush and his cronies get everyone involved in this to shut up? They must be good!
  3. The Jews are capable of anything. Just ask Fast Asleep.

    WTC attacked under Clinton - Moonbats believe official report that radical muslims are responsible.

    WTC attacked under Bush - Moonbats believe its a right-wing/ Israeli conspiracy.

    HA HA HA!! FOOLS!!! Some people need to WAKE UP!

    How can these people be the laughing stock of the nation for so long and come back for more??? Sad. :(
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  6. How old are you? If you're 16 or under, you are forgiven... you'll grow out of it.

    If over 16, first consider your sources. If that doesn't help, consider professional help.

  7. cause Bush is just a pawn and is as dumb as a tree and knows absolutely nothing about what is really going on...

    ask Cheney and you start to get to the real man who runs the president... imo
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    Ah, "The 5 Dancing Israelis"! That was a great musical. It came thru our city recently on a double-bill w/"Fiddler on the Roof". We enjoyed it thoroughly!
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  10. Ok Let me rephrase it...Cheney couldn't even shoot his hunting buddy by accident and keep it a secret, how could he take down the towers on 9-11 and get all involved to keep that secret??
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