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    He says…declassified documents admitting staging air attacks in order to attack Iraq...
    Now that would be interesting to watch tonight. Will it be a character assassination of the presenter? Will it focus on the facts? Will it get debunked?
    Please vote in CNN Poll
    So far over 80% of the voters believe YES

    Yes 82% 16483 votes
    No 18% 3562 votes
    Total: 20045 votes

    Let’s be honest folks, Where is, what is, the solid evidence the govt presented?

    Is it the 19 yahoos with box cutters flying commercial jet liners so precisely into the towers not to mention the pin point accuracy into the pentagon?
    Well, many of them were found later to be alive and well, and even FBI director admits we don’t know who did it..
    ___Or is it the single passport (plastic and paper) that survived the inferno, but the black boxes were non recoverable at first, then “no useful” info was recovered?
    ___Or is it the calls from 32k feet, when above 2-3k hardly a signal can be had? (ask next time you fly, heck try yourself if allowed to get a signal)
    ___Or is it the high heat vaporized just about all of the plane that hit the pentagon, but wow we recovered and tested DNA, 184 out of 189 passengers confirmed.
    ___Or is it jet fuel burning at best around 1100 deg, and yet we found molten structural steel (melting upwards 2700 deg) at the tower’s basements.
    ___There is a very long list of questions that need to be answered.

    I mean come on….. in this country we have at least some basic standards of evidence acceptance and due process, and some proof beyond a reasonable doubt before we send a single person to the death chamber, and yet we start wars killing dozens of thousands theirs and ours, on what evidence?????.

    Take a look at who’s is benefiting from all this… the “money trail” is just too obvious…
  2. The loons in this country are unreal. On the far right you have the intellignet design people who "know the truth" not to be outdone by the loony tune left who "know the truth". And we wonder why other countries catching or are passing us for technological supremacy. The US has lost its belief in science and now wants to follow the beliefs of the uneducated and ignorant who happen to get some face time on the boob tube. The only thing this crap and its associated poll show is how stupid the the TV viewing public really is.
  3. not saying its wrong or right here..

    I just want some answers... that's all

    I only 1 one piece of info and I will be a happy camper..

    Let the govt show the tons of security video camera tapes they confiscated in and around the pentagon that captured the entire event on them...

    security cameras, gas station camera...

    I just want to see the footage and I will shut up and believe everything they tell me..

    Not too much to ask having had dear close friends die on that day imo..
  4. Exactly!
    Show us the raw unedited footage of all the cameras capturing what happened at the pentagon, the DOT was right across from the hit.
    WHAT are they hiding? If it's footage of another commercial AA jetliner, why hide it?

    Latest Poll U.S. government covered up the real events of the 9/11 attacks?
    Yes 83% 31178 votes
    No 17% 6195 votes
    Total: 37373 votes

  5. becayse they are still working at editing it so it doesn't look like anything but a modern day airplane and that takes time...
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    Indeed. And even worse, the U.S. has lost its belief in itself.
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    this is nothing. what i find really spooky is that all of that 17% ALL post here on et!
  8. Over 50k voted and counting
    If we pay attention to polls with 1000 targeted phone calls and say they are representative of public's opinions, then this is even better.

    Latest Poll U.S. government covered up the real events of the 9/11 attacks?
    Yes 83% 44307 votes
    No 17% 8797 votes
    Total: 53104 votes
  9. The DOT is right across from the hit? On which map? or you talking about another Department of Trnasportation :D

  10. Yep, the Virginia DeptOfTransportstion, just across from the Pentagon monitoring traffic 24/7 also including the section that was hit in their camera's viewing fields.

    Many tapes were also seized from reporters on site, that had the footage between the hit and a secondary explosion 10-15 mins later, and the subsequent collapse of the pentagon wall after that.
    The tapes would be really telling.

    85 tapes were taken and are not released. Hehehe according to their replies they are still under investigation. Investigating what after all this time? The "verdict off who did it" was splattered all over the news within days.

    FOIA request for the 85 video recordings related to flight 77 denied

    Why still being denied to be released to the public. Why? If its just another AA jetliner, why hide it?
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