CNN Falls To Last Place In Cable News, While Fox Continues It's Domination!!!

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    They couldn't have done it without all that help from The One. :D :D :D
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    Bandwagon argument.
  3. Some say that CNN fell because people got tired of ZNN making propaganda rather that real news. Since Fox also contains propaganda, but an audience, I would not be surprised if the Zs were to move to Fox. If this would to take place, a name change may be a good thing. How about Zox or FoxNN.
  4. Is CNN vs Fox cheerleading a side line game to the Dem vs Rep cheerleading ?

    Whats the cause of this - - - too much watching of useless spectator sport diversion on the boob tube ?

    Straight from the New York Slimes no less.

    "For the month, CNN averaged 202,000 viewers between the ages of 25 and 54 – the group that television news organizations use as their basis of success because of their advertising sales. That was far behind the dominant leader, Fox News, which averaged 689,000. But it also trailed MSNBC, which had 250,000 viewers in that group and HLN, which had 221,000."

    This is for the 25-54 age group which smashed another liberal lie that only onld people watch Fox News.
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    If the Naked News was on cable it would beat all, capturing 50% of the population (guys) and a few percent more (lesbos).

  7. Exactly!!! More reality the libertards can't deal with! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    The only things missing from your excitement are a couple of "1"s mixed in with all those exclamation points, and perhaps the word, "pwnd".

    At any rate, why couldn't someone deal with the reality that one show has more viewers than another? Maybe Grey's Anatomy has more viewers than ER. *shrug*
  9. On one of their main Sunday roundtable type shows just this last Sunday you would think they would have a lot to talk about. For about ten minutes all they talked about was Obama's basketball group not having any women in it. They went to interview pieces asking Obama the question and then they seriously analyzed it the entire time until commercials. How an organization of journalists can be oblivious to relevancy is amazing.
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