CNN Employees Targeted By Trump Getting Armed Security

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    CNN On-Air Personalities Targeted By Trump Getting Armed Security

    President Trump's relentless attacks on CNN have forced the network to take extreme measures -- offering armed security to on-air talent who have reason to fear for their safety.

    Network sources tell TMZ ... CNN brass offered reporters and anchors who have been targets of President Trump around-the-clock protection. We're told the logic is simple ... there are Trump fanatics who believe the President when he calls the media and certain reporters "the enemy of the people," and the fear is that they will take violent action.

    There's actual proof here ... the person who sent mail bombs targeted CNN at least twice.

    We're told CNN has told the targeted employees they can choose the level of protection they want, ranging from round-the-clock armed guards to more limited security, such as following the personality to and from work.

    Trump has repeatedly attacked Don Lemon ... and it doesn't seem like a coincidence a self-proclaimed white nationalist Trump supporter threatened to kill him.

    More recently ... a 39-year-old Arkansas man was busted Tuesday for making more than 40 calls to CNN that included death threats aimed at Lemon.

    TMZ broke the story ... April Ryan -- a White House correspondent with Urban Radio Networks and well-known CNN contributor -- now has protection after receiving threats over the last few months ... threats which sure seem related to Trump's venom toward her.

    We don't know if CNN White House Correspondent Jim Acosta has gotten security after his explosive showdown with the President ... but it seems pretty obvious CNN is concerned and taking appropriate steps to protect him.
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    I'm sure Trump meant well being for these doors when be labeled them the enemy of the people
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    We've gone from the 1st amendment to this with Trump in office.
  4. A good breakdown of exactly what was done in the doctored video.

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  6. Insidious bastards. The truth is their enemy. Trump himself may or may not have had the video doctored, but he has made going after journalists a sport.

    And in response to Tony Stark's post, I hope Mueller considers Trump's intentional actions towards the media as an assault on both the individuals involved and at risk, as well as on 1st.
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  10. CNN constantly pushes the banning of guns.

    Now they are hiring armed people.

    I guess some pigs are more equal than other pigs.
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