CNBC's most revolting personality

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by dis, Nov 26, 2008.

  1. dis


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  2. Gasparino

    There are just too many.
  3. add Kudlow to that list
  4. NY_HOOD


    the guy NEALE. he was so wrong and even laughed at people for thinking the credit crisis will hurt the whole market. he would say shit like what does the credit crisis have to do with IPOD sales. the guy is always wrong and i really think he is gay. not kidding.
  5. Corelio


    Neale by a loooong shot.
  6. Everyone grab your tv remote, locate your power button and....hit it now. Now CNBC will no longer bother you :)
  7. CET


    Dennis Kneel.
  8. briand


    anyone caught Gasparino at around 7:30am eastern time this morning saying something like "I'm done with CNBC" I miss what happened just before that
  9. That bald dude.
  10. Gasparino by far. He is such a d-bag its not funny.
    #10     Nov 26, 2008