CNBC's Fast Money - pulling a FAST ONE

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  1. My beef: None of the losing recs are getting mentioned or tracked. I'm massively short GM and XLF from their recs 2 weeks ago...look at the charts. I'm getting CRUSHED.
    Get this: when I send in an email to all I get is an automated reply which indicates to resend the email. I do this, and guess what ? They send out the same lame email and so I can never get through to them. They seem to be screening negative responses !
    Bogus, I say. Anyone can look good by ignoring their losers.
  2. i wanted a clarification: you are angry because of the calls they made on TV and are now complaining that they are not responding back? You do realize CNBC has to fill over 8hours a day of live programming and it tends to be hot air.

    do not depend on cnbc for your trading calls.

  3. I don't know where you are in your trading journey, but if you haven't yet realized that taking other peoples recs isn't the way to go - then consider this an expensive lesson. Don't mean to get down on you, but if it was as easy as listening to fast money, who would be losing money?
  4. Yeah, but from the show's standpoint, EVERYONE is making money, and NO ONE is losing money.
    That's all.
    And when I try to remind them of that fact, they ignore it.
    They should rename the show "Bogus Money".
  5. Its a lot like this board, everybody makes money and is above average looking.
  6. You have to remember, CNBC is ENTERTAINMENT, not investment advice. Doing what they say is the same as watching ESPN and betting on the teams they like and then blaming them for you losing. CNBC exists for 1 reason, to get you to watch so they can sell ads. Period. They will whore themselves by saying whatever will generate eyeballs on the screen. Notice the real market gurus, Bruce Sherman, Buffett, etc. are never on. That alone should tell you something. As far as I'm concerned, everyone on the air needs to take a course on how to interview too. They constantly cut their guest off, talk over them, etc. They are just fodder for retail idiots.
  7. i luved when maria reported amzn earnings and said 'look at it, immediate reaction...stock is tumblin' as soon as we released the data'. yeah, bitch, too bad u just peek at the chart and are half a hour late with your 'breakin' news'...too funny.
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    seriously, these guys are real traders. You think they do exactly what they say on the show. They have to dumb it down for grandma. Example, a few days ago bolling discloses a short oil position. While stating on the show it'll be good to be long oil. What do you think he's up to, he's in it for the speculative trade, while grandma is buy and hold experiencing the drawdown and exiting at the exact bottom.

    If you have any trading experience think about it.
  9. bs

    they incompetent to da max...can u imagine how good they would look makin' constant good calls and how long it would take for 'em to have hundreds of calls from jp, hegde funds etc? not to mention the boost in their popularity, innit.
  10. Maybe they get no salaries from CNBC because they make so much money from their own expert recommendations...:D
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