CNBC's Charlie Gasparino

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  1. Why does that idiot always interrupt the other speakers?

    He continually blabbers away while the other guests try to make their point. He ALWAYS has to get the last word in.

    He's total pain to listen to. Can't wait until Fox Business is available on my cable provider.
  2. We have a daily pool here on the over/under on how many times Gasparino can say, "Essentially", and how many times Erin Burnett can say "Amazing".
  3. harkm


    I bet Bob Pisani says "here" about 20 times every time they show his face. "This stock is priced right 'here'" or "it looks good here"
  4. about the time of the Aguirre thing, June of 06, Gasparino was demeaning Aguirre - he's a nobody, he's got nothing. That shows you what he knows. anyway, this reporter I'm talking to can't wait to agree with him, and I'm saying, "are you nuts? 66 years old? His second career. Wealthy. Giving back.... went to school for this."

    She says, "Do you know Charlie? He works out. If he heard you say this, he'd hit you."

    This, folks, is the Press that America looks to for information.

    Reporter? Wall St. Journal.

    I would think the Russians could have more faith in their system. At least you know who's in charge and what the rules are.
  5. gaj


    if i can, i switch whenever a couple things happen on cnbc:

    -> political discussion
    -> gasparino speaks.

    he's rude, obnoxious, and his sources are quite obvious.

    but why would you expect better from fox biz? especially when they're stating that cnbc is too difficult to understand.
  6. jmoo


    yea i count how many times najarian says talk about on fast money
  7. or "global growth" he keeps repeating that when talking about tech
  8. How about "absolutely" and "problematic":D
  9. hotboats


    Whos the idiot that stutters all the time when he interrupts the guests.
  10. ComicFx


    Most heard comment on CNBC:

    "So tell me, how do you play this market?"
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