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  1. I actually liked CNBC once upon a time.. but what the hell. All day they just have the words "Breaking News" for any segment they are doing..

    For instance, they just had the title "Breaking News- Greenspan vs. Bernanke" I know they are trying to create ratings, but this is really misleading and even worse than tactics used by fox.
  2. How about the helmet? Was that the stupidest thing you've ever seen?

    For the rest of you, Mark Haines work a construction helmet in the first half hour. I wetn to Bloomberg, and then silence.
  3. They call themselves "experts" and have answers for everything...

  4. S2007S


    what a joke, I hope the dow goes to 5000, I want to see how they react to that.

    Breaking news... greenspan vs bernanke, now thats funny.
  5. Breaking news?? :confused:

  6. More like Breaking Wind

  7. Watch TV, get rich...

  8. Safe or dangerous?