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    How annoying is the new CNBC theme song?
    Who writes this noise?
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    make prisoners watch pear shaped stink breath maria fartaroma 24/7
  3. gnome


    They brought Dylan Rattigan over from Bloomberg...

    Bring back Liebe Geft and Ed Hart!!
  4. AngryD


    The theme song can only be outdone by the added volume on the commercial jingles. If you want to see a trader in a slow market go mad, stick him and the TV together.
  5. I agree wholeheartedly.

    But I have another question: When stock prices decrease, the talkers on CNBC often say "money coming out of stocks". Exactly how does the money come out? Let's say there are $1000 invested in a company's stock and share prices drop 10%. After the drop, there are only $900 invested, but for every dollar that has come out of the stock, one has gone in. The reason why there is now less invested in the company is not that money has come out tof the stock, but that it has been destroyed in the stock. Isn't that so? Or let's say a company offers more stock, and that makes its share price go down. Does that mean that money is coming out of the stock? Somehow I think the opposite is the case.
  6. When a commercial's noise is especially annoying, I usually take a mental note not to buy anything from that company if I have a choice. Well guess what, this morning I was majorly annoyed, and as I looked onto the TV screen to determine which company had bestowed the nuisance upon me, there was a CNBC quotes board on.
  7. The whole new CNBC look reminds of Win2000 to WinXP.

    So CNBC got an upgrade?
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  9. Does anyone else think she is hot? Something about her looks and that red hair...
  10. Liz Clayman? ew! not at all.

    In all fairness though, she does have one of the better vocabularies in the staff.
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