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  1. I haven't watched CNBC in nearly a year.So after a year the "show" has not changed and the talking head noise continues. Beyond that it looks like Becky has put on some weight and rounded out :)
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    She's pregnant.
  3. I'm the father.

    (I wish)

    What happened to that Barbie they had on there about a year ago? Courtney Reagan? She was really hot when she first started there. Then she started "dressing up like a 40 year old" and the excitement diminished.

    Maybe the father of Becky's baby is Warren. Is she married? She's always roaming the world in his private jet. Gas, grass or ass, nobody rides for free. Warren has plenty of gas and I don't think he still smokes grass so that only leaves one mode of currency.
  4. slut
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    She's still there. Doing the NASDAQ reports now. Was just on.

  6. That explains it.