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  1. are all the talking heads at CNBC slick talking morons or is there any show they produce of value ???? SERIOUSLY , please let me know...
  2. They move stocks. I won't tell you who and how much, but if you daytrade, some guys are 100%. It's the only reason I can think of to watch..

    Other than that, they are corrupt, self centered idiots.

    I wonder how I know more than they do about things. But I don't. They selectively report. But have you noticed, no hedgies lately. I think that memo went around after Kernan fawning over Chanos. And that story isn't over yet, either.
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    I just watch for the T & A.
  4. Technical Analysis?
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    Uh no, tits and ass.
  6. Oh. Never mind.
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    Michelle Caruso-Cabrerra gets the T award......don't get to see much of the A's. I think the producers know why you watch.
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    I thought Liz Clayman went to Fox ?
  9. LOL - we launched an ETF with a ticker TNA...

    CNBC... Trish Reagan is the best, former Miss New Hampshire & nice New England girl.

    yes they move stocks... many of them are suprisingly smart too - check their bios.
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    We made it, what, two maybe three months without a "fuq CNBC" thread? About time somebody started bashing them again.

    One of these days I'm going to start a thread on how to turn the channel on your TV. Unless somebody beats me to it by starting one on how to turn your TV off.
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