CNBC what was the name of the trading company just on cnbc?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by gimp570, Jul 9, 2013.

  1. gimp570


    I caught the last few seconds....they were auto trading company.

    did anyone catch that interview?
  2. its crap
  3. nitrene



    Looks interesting but I wonder if it actually works okay. If its meant for the masses I'm sure it can't be that good.

    The CEO claimed he had Quants & Hedge Funds as clients so who knows maybe it is good.
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  5. Are people really paying for something that crappy? I mean, seriously - looked at the video, and the UI is cumbersome and the widget thingy makes me cringe - the screen estate used for something that simple is a joke. Any more complex strategy will need square meters of widgets instead of a page or two of code...
  6. they are trying to fool turkeys into thinking they too can be hft scum.
  7. siafx


    Oh yea, baby. Every body else is idiots. we's da smarts!

    No how can any fool makes easy programs that helps retail traders. no how.

    They so dumb. Repliers to this thread total smarts. holy grail smarts, yes sir..
  8. zdreg