CNBC (Wardrobe Department) Has Heeded Your Call For More Amanda Drury!

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  1. And how!

    Look at those perky headlights!

    That's one way to boost ratings, I guess, especially when you have a bunch of Dildoes like Dennis Kneale, Larry Kudlow and Bob Pisani running around making asses of themselves.

    More Amanda, less Kudlow!

    CNBC (Wardrobe Department) Has Heeded Your Call For More Amanda Drury
    Posted by Bess Levin, Jul 02, 2009, 11:15am


    Look at those beauts!!!

    And she's an animal lover! Lucky kitten!

  2. Mup


    Affectionately nick named "porn star" Ms Dury often has ratings friendly outfits on cnbc asia... :D
  3. In the Army, her nickname was Major Boobage. :cool:
  4. clacy


    Seriously, how do guys like Dennis Kneale even get (and keep) their jobs?

    Is financial journalism that unattractive to j majors?
  5. Just look at those things!

    (posted for the advantage of the night crew)

    Those are "priced for perfection," huh? Know what I mean?

  6. copa8


    are they real? :confused:
  7. Like that cute but deadly Terminator gal on "The Sarah Conner Chronicles", if it's covered in living flesh, it's real enough for me!:D
  8. Topper


  9. Mup


    CNBC seem to be listening with Mandy Drury back on US prime today.....
  10. Who doesn't just adore sweater kittens??
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