CNBC & Wall Street Were Expecting an Obama Rally - It Naver Came, Now What?

Discussion in 'Economics' started by Bear Plunger, Jan 20, 2009.

  1. Guys I'm sure you can look back and remember the optimism of the talking heads that were predicting an Obama rally into tommorow. Well, it seems we never got it.

    Nobody has a crystal ball, but does anyone get a strange feeling in your stomach like we may possibly crash through the low and make lower lows this year, SOONER than you thought was possible?
  2. 1) Money moves markets, not sentiment.
    2) Extreme bullish sentiment near market lows is never good.
    3) As goes January, so goes the rest of the year?
    4) This week and this year may already be a "throw away". :cool:
  3. talknet


    George W Bush was the Best-ever USA President.

    What further improvements and better policies can Barak Obama make which George Bush could not make. It is a dead end and there is no way out. It's over.
  4. Mercor


    9 out of the last 14 Inaugurations have been a down day.
  5. AK100


    True. But the 5 up-days all happened when the average temp was between -1 and -5.

    It's due to be within that range today.

    Also, when the incoming President had a daughter aged 10 or less the market has a 89% chance of finishing up on the week.

    Got to love Americans when anything can be woven into a stat.

    Aatched one the other day on the AZ 1/4 back. When interviewed he was told 'you'll be the 3rd oldest QB EVER to play in a Super Bowl'

    Eh, what sort of randomly useless stat is that?
  6. Mercor


    Now it's 10 out of 15....67%...nice edge
  7. looks like market went into uncertainty fear. They expect obama to take decisions which may favor American public but not wall street.

    don't worry, its not over, obama is now officially an president, lets see what he can do.
  8. I hope Gnome is OK, he was probably the most anti-Obama member on this board, lets pray he has not done anything silly :(