CNBC - Wall Of Shame...

Discussion in 'Trading' started by EdgeHunter, Sep 15, 2008.

  1. Cramer is at the Top...

    Who's next...
  2. Kudlow...easy..

    and then that douchebag who looks like Fraggle Rock...I can't remember his name
  3. Dennis Neale
  4. The funny thing is his TSCAM .com keeps making 52-week low while he never notices that when putting other goat on his wall.
    This baby is the shameless on earth.
  5. slutbag maria bartiromo
  6. Agree Kudlow is definitely two... or maybe he should be one... he never changes the channel from the Goldilocks show...
  7. the CON ARTIST Charlatan, Gasparino.
  8. This was CNBCs finest hour imo - Brokaw moved the Nightly News down there and interviewed each of them.

    Result: NBC viewers get a million miles more insight than ABC adn CBS.
  9. huh


    I would love to hit Kudlow with the reality shovel that was used to bury goldilocks. I've made my feelings towards this douchebag known on another thread so I won't re-type my tyraid here....but yes he is the worst thing on television.

    His precisous Palin bounce ain't workin' out the way he wanted....idiot!
  10. Wow someone actually watches that show...
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