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  1. I watched CNBC this morning and a commercial came on for Fast Money. Eric Bolling came on to say "Im going to tell you tonight how you can buy high and then sell higher!"

    Then I get into my car and switch to Bloomberg radio. They interview several money managers and analysts pointing out different perspectives on the market, some bearish - some bullish. Each with their own set of logic.

    I get back to my house where I switch on CNBC to find them pumping the airlines and what do you know, the airlines are reaching multi-year highs.

    Bloomberg= logical, fair and balanced
    CNBC=pumper shill
  2. just21


    Bloomberg just went free (no Sky subscription needed) in the UK and Europe. You still have to pay for CNBC.
  3. Hehehehehehe, CNBC, for financial info, thats a joke right. Bloomerg, from the terminal to the tv and radio, all professional all the time.

    CNBC the air america of finance

    The Ever Distrusting All Media VIPER
  4. dhpar


    free in UK? does it mean on Freeview?
  5. Bloomberg TV channel has always been free, as a good quality, 200 kbps streaming feed off their website. I would assume that's available worldwide.
  6. just21


    It is free on SKY, where you can get some channels for free, by pointing a dish at the satellite. The feed on the website is about five seconds behind the Sky feed.
  7. dhpar


    thanks just21!
  8. S2007S


    wait someone hyping the airline sector after jumping 50-100%, I remember every analyst and cramer saying DO NOT BUY, DO NOT BUY, DO NOT BUY the airlines. Now they start to hype them up...HAHAH :p :p :p
  9. This is exactly what I mean. Why were they not saying to buy the airlines a year or two ago?

  10. zdreg


    jin rogers was saying to buying the airline two years ago.
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