CNBC vs. Bloomberg

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Kingfin2, Sep 26, 2007.

  1. Kingfin2


    I've read that bloomberg does a better job and the online TV is free. How quickly do they put out the economic numbers like unemployment etc. ?
    Thanks for any comments.
  2. Neodude


    There is no beating a bloomberg terminal for eco numbers, besides the fact that bloomberg is a much more professional financial channel. Only downside is bloomberg's new TV format. They have changed the layout of the screen on TV, which makes it harder to read the market updates during the show.

  3. Daal


    whats hard to stand isthat fking music and a breaks every two minutes
  4. rickf


    Two things I hate about the New Bloomberg TV:

    a) no ticker. How can you be a financial news channel and NOT have a ticker?

    b) their morning call show will start an interview, ask ONE question, then quickly stop (or cut him off) and go to break. I know it's a tease, obviously, but it gets real annoying real quick.
  5. Kingfin2


    So I'm watching it on my computer for free, will they report the economic numbers as they come out ? At CNBC there is a delay, like they come back from a break 40 seconds after the number comes out and say here is the breaking news, too late.
  6. S2007S


    Bloomberg needs to back to their regular format. There was no need to make that sudden change.
  7. rickf


    The new format isn't bad, and I do like the updated graphics as the old ones were a bit dated....but as I said -- there's NO TICKER!

    Still, they are far more "realtime" in their news reporting and coverage of key numbers than CNBC
  8. FAST.AM


    As an ex Bloomberg
    Their TV is down right boring - dry content. Cnbc is the leader.
    They have been losing money on their TV end since inception. Tv is used to just drive terminal sales.
    Thats it.....
  9. Neodude


    Please don't take offense but I hope you don't watch financial channels for their entertainment value... if you are then you'd be better off watching Jerry Springer.

    CNBC has absolutely no clue what they are talking about. Its all about the ratings and cheerleading. I'm sorry to say, but CNBC is for the laymen and the laymen is dumb and never makes any money.


    PS. Not saying the Bloomy will make you smarter... but watching CNBC isn't going to help anyone either.
  10. FAST.AM


    I agree - I don't watch either one.
    I follow my news feeds.. Thats it.
    They both r there for entertainment.
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