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  1. Hi there,

    Can someone copy and paste the CNBC TV link here (the circled link in the attached pic).

    I am in Asia and when I click on the circled link, it will direct me to the Asia Pacific TV, but I would like to view the US TV.

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  2. Arnie


  3. that seems to be a link to a particular video.

    someone pls post the TV link.
  4. DL ThinkDesktop. They have it on there
  5. what is thinkdesktop?
  6. Plug this into your open url in your realplayer or windows media player and it should work.


  8. Use bloombergTV instead. I am travelling for the month, but still trading and I use it. Regardless of your connection speed, there is still a delay, however.
    simply, click on the left side > Launch Video player, then click on your country i.e. USA.

  9. Do the guy a favour and don't give him a link to the shit heads on cnbc. This is a trading forum, not an entertainment forum.
    Tune into bloomberg -it's much more worthwhile, and avoid the US version if possible.
  10. Ditto. He doesn't need that crap for trading.
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