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  1. Curious how much a TV show host like Erin Burnett or Melissa Francis earn yearly from CNBC?
  2. depends on the commissions they get at the end of the year.
  3. Anyone have a rough idea on thier pay?
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    Erin Burnett and Melissa Francis are not in the same league, in terms of personal brand name, on-air exposure, ratings, bottom line impact... you name it... and therefore pay. Plus look at their careers (and pay) before CNBC - a sizable differential there, too.

    My best guess... Erin: just over $1M (not quite Maria territory... yet); Melissa: $250-350K.
  5. You could hire strippers for much less.
  6. And probably get the same financial accuracy and knowledge.
  7. I'd agree with your guestimates.
  8. CNBC is not that big of a network to be paying out million dollar salaries.

    Get real, only a few years ago they were having problems.
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    That's what I'm talking about. Erin Burnett, a million dollars a year??? I know television executives are stupid, but.....
  10. You have no idea how inflated media salaries have become.

    The typical Chicago anchorman salary is 1mil and there's a woman here named Diane Burns who makes 2mil a year.

    The friend of a friend is a local weatherman. He clocks in at 375....
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