CNBC trading against viewers.

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  1. technically the defense sector dfi looks like it is in distrubution. i made a video of my analysis of the charts for dfi and rtn, ba and gd the three stocks touted as a good buy in the cnbc video clip.

    is cnbc dumping defense stocks on viewers because a democrat or ron paul will win the presidential election?

    do they know something we don't?
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  2. are you just screwing around with us or are you serious with your military industrial complex and ron paul bs?
  3. do you agree with my technical analysis?

    if ron paul becomes president these stocks should get hammered!
  4. I didn't look at your video, but it's my opinion that CNBC is a shill for the brokers (GS, MER, etc.) That, or they get all their info from the broker's own analysts, so same thing.
  5. how would ron paul ever become president? you have seen the caucuses right?

    and how can you say GD and LMT look terrible? they have held up pretty well versus the market. you did study relative strength, right?

    and you know why BA got killed today, right? there was more news about the 787 production getting delayed. that's why their chart looks like crap.
  6. thats one of the reasons i made the video. the people you see on cnbc unwittingly do the bidding of the financial elite.
  7. this is not for a day trade but a swing trade. right now they look horrible longer term. these things can change. a terror attack, war escalation, policy etc. many things can correct the distribution stage of this sector(dow theory).

  8. ron paul broke all the financial records for donations and has stunned the political and financial communities.

    the primaries were rigged and n. h. is doing a recount.

    the news is rigged like the markets.

    ron pauls economics are spot on.
  9. CNBC I doubt it!!!
  10. Bizarre hypothetical. Kind of like 'if Britney Spears becomes President...'
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