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Discussion in 'Trading' started by mrpace, Feb 25, 2003.

  1. mrpace


    Was anyone else watching CNBC about 5 minutes before they announced the CC # today??? One of the talking heads said "actually, I have the number in front of me, and WAIT TILL YOU HEAR IT"

    Now, in this day and age, how could his comment be taken any other way then it's going to be a lot lower than people expect. War is on the horizon, the economy is going nowhere, gas prices are going through the roof, etc., etc....

    It amazed me the futures did not move at ALL on his comment....there was no chance the CC # was going to be much better than expected, not in my opinion.....

    I guess nobody watches CNBC these days anymore....LOL

    If this has already been discussed on here, please excuse my posting it twice...
  2. m_c_a98


    I think your right that nobody watches CNBC; especially any group that could move the futures.

    I can't stand that channel.
  3. mrpace


    Well, if you had been watching, heard his comment, and interpreted it as I did, you made 5 easy points on the S&P e-mini in about 30 seconds....
  4. NYNY


    as far as I know CNBC gets the number when everyone else does, not sooner.

    Oh yeah...CNBC BLOWS. nobody on there excep Santorelli knows what the fuck they are talking about.

    Take for example, Maria(stoopid biotch) she was probably a journalism major in college and now she rights books on the market....WHAT THE FUCK.

    my .02
  5. mrpace


    Then perhaps I was dreaming??? In any event, I hope I have more dreams like this one....LOL

    I searched my news source right after he said it...wasn't announced yet...futures hadn't moved yet...

    Announcement came about 2-3 minutes later, and BOOM, down we went....
  6. m_c_a98


    Good job :)

    I don't trade that way, but whatever works for you that's all that matters.
  7. mrpace


    I don't usually trade that way either, but I couldn't pass it up.....I can't believe nobody else noticed this....
  8. Woody


    mrpace, I was watching at the time the commentator made that comment. I was actually shocked by his comment because I did not know they got the info before anyone else. I made the assumption that if CNBC had the info, everyone else had it as well. I was thinking about going short, but I kept my discipline and stayed out of the market until the report came out. Glad to hear someone capitalized on that.
  9. balda


    I heard it but see below

  10. They actually announced later on CNBC that they did get the report before the scheduled release time but they are forbidden from looking at the number till 10 a.m. They said that for this report, it is normal practice that they get it before hand but it is supposed to be sealed but obviously it wasn't this time.
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