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Discussion in 'Politics' started by macal425, May 1, 2002.

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  1. I was wondering if other daytraders are like me and find absolutely no value in the CNBC stock ticker. (I would post a poll, but Candletrader has cornered the poll market)

    Would it not be better if they had a ticker with breaking news instead of stocks.
  2. You think that one's a joke, try the Bloomberg ticker. Not only does it spell out the company names but there's no pre- and post-market data. For a channel that thinks its so stock-market savvy this is ridiculous. The only good thing about Bloomberg is looking at Suzy Assaad.

    The CNBC ticker is useful in the premarket while your computer is botting up, to see which nasdaq stocks are getting hit on gaps. That's where it ends IMHO.
  3. tom_p


    I've even seen TESTB scroll across on more than one occasion, sometimes clumped.
  4. I've found the ticker useful when nothing has been going on to get an idea of where the money is going. I look for unusual prints (NYSE) on stocks that normally wouldn't be getting that size. There are a couple of ex-floor traders at my office who trade off it, and they spot irregularites fairly quickly.
Thread Status:
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