CNBC sucks. CNBC is down 34%.

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    Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out: CNBC Ratings Get Smashed
    By Damien Hoffman
    Posted on February 03 2010. ShareThis

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    I think Nielsen ratings are complete bullshit, but for what it’s worth I’m going to make a bullshit to bullshit comparison:

    Once again, CNBC has continued to lose viewers after failing to help anyone save money during the Great Crash of 2008. The newest Nielsen Media Research numbers show Business Day (5am-7pm) down 24% P2+ (total households) and down 37% in the A25-54 demographic. Primetime, CNBC is down 34% P2+ and down 25% in the A25-54 demo (Monday through Friday).
  2. Its easy...

    When you have a moo moo's like Maria and Joe talking it is no wonder.

    I personally can't stand Maria's voice. She always has to have the last words, repeats' the comments and always has to lead people to certain outcomes.

    And I wonder if Joe Kernigan is even alive. He seems in a complete daze and has many DUH moments...

    I happen to like the Najarian brothers, Mark Faber, Charles Gasprino, Steve Liesmen, Mark Haines, and THE Rick Santelli.
  3. kudlow and cramer are the two worst. they are never in doubt but seldom right
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    Bet you the ratings pick up during the Olympics though!
  5. I have not watched since July. Couldn't imagine them getting any worse. Pathetic channel.
  6. i wonder about the Najarian brothers. i think they are mostly fos.i would like to see their actual performance record. like there is any value in heatseaker.
  7. apparently its taboo to go on air and say.. "SELL"

    biased market participants always lose and for CNBC everything must go up. I casually watch the bloomberg news and its much more "grown up" programming
  8. ^^^ Agreed (with the post about the najarians). Do these guys actually make money trading or make money giving advice. My guess is they make money giving advice. Someone also needs to turn down Pete's mic. His voice and echo are way too loud.

    As for CNBC, you could probably chart their ratings w/stock volitility, and it would match up pretty good. Markets have been calm for months = bad ratings.

    One other thought ... why don't they just give Bob Dahl from Blackrock his own seat at the anchor desk during squawk box. Every time I sneak a look, that guy is on. Do you think they ever mention that he happens to represent about the largest equity fund manager on the planet and he's got a vested interest in pimping the stock market?

    The entire network is nothing more than a tool used by the Fed, Treasury, GE, PIMCO, and the Blackrocks of the world to pimp their point of view.

    Fortunately, I get Bloomberg now and its not perfect, but much better. Bloomie also has the best looking group of anchorettes and reporterettes you've never heard of.:cool:
  9. the producers at CNBS are asswipes.

    Have to be, with all the sound effects they torture viewers with.

    100% morons.
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    What? no one watches Maria-Buttaroma anymore?????
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