CNBC sound effects. Rip them a new one

Discussion in 'Politics' started by stock777, Apr 7, 2006.

  1. 877-251-5685

    Call CNBC and let them know you think their sound effects on every chart and graphic are assinine.

    Of course , if you like the noise, then don't bother.

    After a few calls the 'supervisor' there started to tell me they had no intention of changing anything.

    I left her with a big steaming pile for her trouble.
  2. Can't get any help here?

    Or does no one watch CNBS?
  3. dis


    The last time I watched CNBC, THE TECH STOCKS WERE ON FIRE!!!
  4. Ebo


    It's ABOUT TIME!

    WOW, they finally got rid of those really annoying WHOooooooosh sounds while BSB was speaking!

    I guess someone finally woke up and realized how bad it is.
  5. Ebo, Im still hearing the whoooshing sounds!!
  6. Ebo


    We have a winner!
    Does anybody hear them say "hallelujah" on every swoosh today?

    This is a new CNBC sound effect low.
    Time for a Bloomberg day.
  7. Minutes from CNBC executive meeting:

    Stuffed suit #1:You know what would really enhance our programming? We could play a loud 'fingernails-on-blackboard' type screeching sound every time we show quotes or charts. The viewers will love it!

    Stuffed suits #2 through #15: Brilliant sir. Brilliant!
    It's your best idea since New Coke.
  8. LOL! Good meeting. Nice one RM.