CNBC slides as viewers get crunched

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    From the UK's observer..


    More US airtime for Amanda Dury then ?? :D
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    No doubt the drop in the market hurts, but also the constant fighting. Everyone is either flat out arguing or whining, it is very difficult to watch. How is the European side with bickering? Amanda would help for sure. :)
  3. CNBC is tired. Their whole approach goes back to the days when trading was done largely on the floor of the NYSE. What is the point of having reporters on the floor of the NYSE? Nothing important is happening there.

    Their premarket show is tedious and boring. They frequently have guests who actually have a lot to say that would be interesting, but they're lucky to get 2 minutes of airtime. Instead we get the inane ramblings of a couple of guys who have never traded a stock in their lives. But they are journalists, so they have to be in charge.

    Cramer's show would be great if it was 15 minutes long and he was forced to sit still. What adult wants to watch Crame run around in clownshoes popping balloons and pushing buttons? Lame.

    Fast Money was a great show when it started, but now it is virtually unwatchable.

    You have to wonder who selects the on air talent for CNBC. Maybe the same people who thought Katie Couric would be great as the evening news anchor. How is Dennis Kneale still on the air? How did he ever get on the air? I mean really, this is not that hard. I feel for Macke. Who wouldn't go nuts listening to Kneale?
  4. I agree about fast money

    Show was great in the beginning with najarian, bolling, and the risk guy from Pali capital (forgot his name)
    Those guys had specific strategies and trades they were doing.

    Now the only trader is najarian who constantly looks for slight edges in the near term

    the girl keeps talking bout shorting banks and long their preffereds (MUST BE GETTING SLAUGHTERED IN THAT TRADE)

    the other dude with the super thin plucked eyebrows just talks about going Long Oil and buying every stock that is up 50-100% on every 10c pull back

    I remember he HYPED UP TBT at 58...not even understanding that these double leveraged plays are went straight to 50 from his call in about 5 days

    the one other dude just goes long Emerging markets

    Macke is just an absolute LUNATIC who flip flopped ALL HIS TRADES.. that guy bought more tops and shorted more bottoms then everyone BESIDES CRAMER
  5. CNBC is built for the novice.

    The novice, however, does not have the attention span for the subject that CNBC is covering, no matter how many sound effects Jim Cramer tries to put in the show.

    Plz remember that the longest running show in the history of television is currently the Simpsons.

    What more need be said?:)
  6. Has to be some cataclysmic event to end CNBC before we can move on. Scandal? Blowup?

    I'm still waiting for Crames to get his. That will be some day. And it will be a turning point of sorts. It can't go on like this.
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    At least necklines are plunging along with their ratings...
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    Maybe it's because people are starting to go back to work?
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    Generally CNBC Europe / Asia is a bit more reserved than their US conterparts......
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