CNBC shows its colors

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by rickf, Jul 18, 2007.

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    Yesterday they were all over the Dow-14K story with the effing orange bar on the top of the screen showing how far above/below the Dow/SP was from its "all-time record." They've done this for the past few days as we've moved "higher and higher" to that "all-time record."

    Funny how today we're down 132 points from the "all-time record" and they're not running that damn orange bar anymore. You'd think they'd consider a 132-point drop significant, even if it's due to Bernanke today.

    But I bet once we go up 133 points back into positive territory, they'll put up the damn orange bar announcing "all-time high" --- which, if you think about it, means that EVERY new higher close is an all-time high, right? Are those of us without Bloomberg doomed to this cheap tripe with each new higher move of the market?

    Amazing that the network says they don't cheerlead for the markets, yet nearly-all their hype and breathless coverage is on the upside.


    Edit: I should add that as Ben takes questions, they have these ethereal high-tech World of Warcraft-like sounds playing softly as they move through the market updates in the split-screen. Talk about annoying.....
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    If you can post online, then why are you "without Bloomberg" (TV)? It's free, you know.
  3. Radio, also. How can you watch that crap. Bloomie is doing a great job w/subprime. What's the defender of Wall St. doing? Berating the poor for walking out on their mortgages?
  4. yea thank god that stupid annoying orange bar is gone

    CNBC is jinxing the market
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    Bloomberg's online stream doesnt like my Mac. :(
  6. Does anyone know when the Fox business channel starts?

  7. Yeah, last night on Fast Money they had this hedge fund manager named Fleckenstein call was really funny because he was bashing, on the air, how CNBC does that all day with the stupid alerts on where the Dow is at...and how it's obviously just meaningless information that is not real journalism, but just minor-league sensationalism.
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    fleck's been around forever. he's generally bearish, but not a die-hard (in other words, he uses stops to cut his losses).

    yeah, cnbc's a cheerleading channel. but i suspect that fox's channel will do so much cheerleading, it will make cnbc look like a bunchof bears.
  9. Perhaps CNBC didn't want to panic everyone.
    THEY "knew" that the Dow was gonna come back to only -50.
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