CNBC - "SEC missed Madoff"

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  1. Step 1 of SEC investigation. Ask for audit and begin verifying numbers.

    But wait, Bloomberg states the auditors were 2 unheard of guys sitting in a "13 x 18 room".

    The SEC had responsibility here for decades.

    Senator Grassley should ask for the SEC file on Madoff and see what decades worth of verification produced.
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    madoff was said to have best relationship with the SEC.
    that might have helped ...
  3. Yes, that's the best hope for a fraudster - take refuge in the safe house that is the SEC. But, you have to be a professional to receive the benefits of being sheltered by the SEC, so it's impractical for most.

    Unlimited gains are possible with SEC protection.
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    And then the SEC has the resources to go after Tuco. Gotta wonder who got paid off at the SEC.

    What a joke.