cnbc scam

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  1. the million dollar challenge grand prize of a million dollars is actually an annuity yet they market it on tv with a stack of $1M in tens and just asked an advisor how he would invest the million dollar grand prize.

    it is already invested in an annuity!

    scam scam scam
  2. You are right, it is a scam. You should get your money back..Oh wait, its free. Why people complain about something that is free is amazing.
  3. Persdawg


    It's actually going to be just a big fade pool.
    Gather a bunch of numbnuts together for consensus picks and start the fade immediately!!!!!!!!!!!

    Pretty clever idea.....
  4. That million is worth closer to 200k, before taxes, given that they pay it out 36k per year.

    Whatever CNBC.

    When are we going to get a serious financial channel that doesn't show money in a lucite box, and anchors driving Bugattis, and women getting spa treatments at luxury resorts all day?

    What a total and complete lost cause.

    Next up: 'CNBC Cribs' and CNBC 'Pimp That Ride'
  5. S2007S


    wait till you see the standings, there is always that lucky guy who makes 30-50% on the first day.
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    A serious financial channel? Probably when the common man gets seriously into investing, saving, and trading their money rather than adhering to the flashing of Ameritrade gadgets and 20 free trade gimmicks from their is so amazing to me when people actually trade stocks because they have free trades...I find that the ultimate pinpoint on the downfall of intelligence.
  7. I vote for more cleavage. :)
  8. Quark


    I'm with you!

    Some contest - you can't go short. In the fantasy world of CNBC, it seems stocks never go down.
  9. TM1


    Bloomberg while not perfect, is much better than CNBC.
  10. And "the women are strong, the men are good looking, and all the children are above average."

    Until Becky got into that Mercedes a few weeks back, I didn't even know she had legs.
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