CNBC says Madoff may never go to jail - LA. man gets 15 yrs for $100 theft

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  1. I didn't read the link but is it possible that the "L.A. Guy" had three strikes against him while Madoff only has "one"? :cool:
  2. Madoff will be relaxing on a beach in Israel soon, after a sympathetic Israeli psychiatrist deems him 'unfit for trial' and then an Israeli judge rubber-stamps the decision.
    Poor baby we must not let him suffer.

    There's one law for us, and another law for them. :(
  3. No Israeli beach for Bernie. Most of his clients were Jews. They want to see him hung in Times Square from his scrotum.

    And let's state the obvious. Bernie didn't do this alone. That's simply an impossibility. His sons were up to their assholes in this mess, but the goal so far has been to insulate them from their father. It's all a thinly disguised illusion.

    Maybe from natural causes, maybe from something not so natural, Bernie will have a heart attack and die before he is sentenced for any crime, and his conspirators will go free.
  4. Yeah Trader Toronto, lets solve that problem of the Jews


    You ignorant nazi fuck
  5. MattF


    considering he wore a bullet-proof vest to his hearing the other day....I'd say he's a trite worried.
  6. Maybe the Mossad will kidnap and bring him to Israel, just like Eichmann :cool:
  7. You might actually get a clue if you had read the link ... nah, that's too much to ask for. :cool:
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    reddit - politics linked here see: a black man who robbed a shreveport bank of $100 because he was out of a job and hungry has been sentenced to 15 years in prison while madoff sits at home after stealing $50 billion.

    Only in call this justice?

    a homeless takes $100.00 from bank
    and gets 15 years

    Let's see what will this cost tax payers

    in Louisiana it costs around $60.000
    a year to keep a man locked up
    food,prison guards, health care, etc, etc

    times this by 15 years that's around

    n 1996 we taxpayers spent $933 million to operate the state prisons and an additional $550 million to repair and build more of the infernal places. That's almost a billion and a half of your tax dollars. To you that means about $1900.00 for each adult in the state.

    You might want to figure out what it cost, per prisoner. Not a hard thing to figure. Half way thought the year there officially were 33,939 prisoners captive in the state joints. Do the division and you discover that you spent $43,700.00 a piece to keep state prisoners locked up.

    For a lot less money, you could leave the guy on the streets paying taxes and hire an escort to follow him around all day. Plenty of people would be willing to escort a single convict all day long for $120.

    But there's a flaw in the "cost per prisoner" reasoning. We surely do spend the fortune, but it's not for prisoners. It's for prisons. There are two dozen of them in the state (poor us). Now you get it. It costs $61,797.000.00 for us to have the luxury of possessing each prison.

    Want to save a bundle? That's easy, reduce the number of prisons in the state. For every prison you close down, each adult in the state will save about $80.00 off his/her tax bill.

    Always keep in mind that the politicians and bureaucrats try to cheat and manipulate you. Be damn careful what you believe. They want more and more of our money, so they want to build more prisons. Doesn't anyone have any common sense?

    Here you've got a guy, say he's used some of the "killer weed," marijuana (competition for the Republican pushed tobacco). Does it make sense to spend $43,700.00 a year to lock the guy in prison? Wouldn't there be a great advantage to letting him be a taxpayer instead of a tax-spender?

    no wonder America is so broke!
  9. A bigger irony than the 15 year sentence:

    The Louisiana man turned himself in, saying "his mother didn't raise him that way."

    Madoff still has the smirk.
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